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​Multiple Configurations And Application Solutions

High heat transfer rates, modular construction, exotic alloys, low hold-up volume and high internal turbulence...all combined to improve efficiencies, and process control, with longer maintenance cycles. Tranter Plate Heat Exchangers reduce installed and operational costs, aiding consistency and reliability across a broad range of industrial markets.

​​Chemical processing icon

Chemical Processing

Acid cooling, solvent separation and condensation, reactor control, reboiling, resin thermal control, caustic production and advanced heat recovery duties are all proven duties for Tranter Heat Exchangers.

​​Hydrocarbon processing icon

Hydrocarbon Processing

Hazardous location duties, multi-duty capabilities and welded durability have driven acceptance of Tranter Heat Exchangers in refineries, gas plants and in gas transmission.

​​Oil and gas production icon

Oil And Gas Production

In the oil patch, on FPSOs or on offshore rigs, you will find Tranter Heat Exchangers hard at work sustaining production rates and reducing maintenance costs.

​​Power generation icon

Power Generation

Tranter Heat Exchangers remove excess heat from DM water circuits, heat wet flue gas before the stack, preheat feed water from condensate and steam, cool diesel and turbine lube oils and maintain temperatures in fuel pools.

​​Renewable energy icon

Renewable Energy

High internal velocities, turbulence, flexible wide-gap PHE options and excellent heat transfer rates make Tranter Heat Exchangers naturals for duties in the renewables segment, such as cooling hydrogenerators. Quality service maximizes uptime.

​​Marine icon


Titanium Tranter Plate Heat Exchangers save space and weight in a variety of shipboard thermal loop duties, while withstanding the damaging effects of sea water.

​​Refrigeration icon


In cascade refrigeration, Tranter Shell & Plate Heat Exchangers improve safety and reduce ammonia consumption as NH3–CO2 cascade heat exchangers and emergency CO2 coolers. In chiller condensers, they outperform semi-welded exchangers.

​​HVAC icon


The larger the load, the more you need Tranter Plate Heat Exchanger efficiency. For commercial, industrial or district heating and cooling applications, close approach and fast response will keep people comfortable and productive.

​​General industry icon

General Industry

Specific heat transfer duties in diverse segments, including the automotive segment, are improving processes and boosting competitiveness.