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Tranter Gasketed Plate Heat Exchanger

 Typical Chemical Industry Applications


Cool Chemical Solutions to Remove Reaction Heat, Etc.


SUPERCHANGER plate and frame heat exchangers find many cooling applications for chemical solutions. The unit’s high “U” values make it a logical choice for these duties.  In addition to the cooling tower shown here, the coolant may also come from various sources, including lakes, rivers, chillers, etc.


Heating with Steam


Within certain temperature limitations, low pressure steam is frequently used with a SUPERCHANGER unit for heating chemical streams.  For conditions that may require occasional or frequent manual cleaning, the ease of opening this type of heat exchanger is a special added advantage.  Other heating media can also be used, including hot water and hot oils.


Heat Recovery


With growing concern about energy conservation over recent years, hundreds of SUPERCHANGER plate and frame heat exchangers have been installed for a variety of heat recovery applications.  As the chemical industry has many hot process streams and hot waste fluids, efficient and compact SUPERCHANGER units can be readily used to preheat water and other liquids.



Regenerative Heat Exchanger


Heating cold feedstocks with hot products which require cooling is a form of heat recovery ideally suited to the SUPERCHANGER unit. With “U” values several times greater than those offered by shell-and-tube heat exchangers, a large number of SUPERCHANGER installations are currently handling liquid-to-liquid heat transfer very efficiently.