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Tranter’s full line of plate-type heat exchangers are providing solutions to various heat transfer needs in general industry applications. 

 Typical General Industry Applications


Heating and Cooling Electrogalvanizing Solutions


SUPERCHANGER plate and frame heat exchangers are used very effectively for temperature control of various cleaner, rinse and plating solutions for electrogalvanizing systems. Some solutions require heating with steam for start-up and then cooling with water during operation. The SUPERCHANGER unit handles both of these requirements. For cooling, close temperature approach is readily obtained as needed.



Cooling Ammonia Liquor at Coke Plants


The flow chart describes the process whereby a liquor is recirculated to remove ammonia, tars, naphthalene and other impurities from coke oven gas. The liquor requires cooling and SUPERCHANGER plate and frame heat exchangers perform admirably in this service. Titanium plates are used for brackish or salt water; otherwise, stainless plates are customary.


Water Cooler for Barley Cleaner


SUPERCHANGER plate and frame heat exchangers are exceptionally suited for applications in the brewing industry, from beginning to end of the entire process. They are especially effective as a water cooler for the initial cleaning of barley to begin the brewing process.


Exchanger for Beer Pasteurizing


Prior to packaging, most mass-market beers are pasteurized for sanitation and extension of shelf life. A SUPERCHANGER unit is effective in heating beers from the centrifuge to the point that any bacteria in them is killed prior to bottling.