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Tranter Plate Heat Exchangers for HVAC duties.

 Typical HVAC Industry Applications


Heating Potable Hot Water (Instantaneous Heater)


SUPERCHANGER units are excellent for heating potable water with low pressure steam or hot water. The stainless steel plates provide a clean, smooth surface for use with potable water. Very high heat transfer rates are obtained, thus allowing a smaller, more compact water heater than would normally be required.



Waste Heat Recovery from Condenser Water


Water going to a cooling tower from a condenser is frequently warm enough to be useful for preheating make-up water or winter air. A SUPERCHANGER unit can recover this “free heat,” when available, for reduced heating costs.


Water Source Heat Pump Isolation


Heat pumps are being used in increasing numbers as energy costs go up. Water used as the heat source, or heat sink for such systems, is generally contaminated with solids or scaling tendencies, etc. The SUPERCHANGER heat exchanger, with its close temperature approach characteristics, efficiently isolates this water from the heat pump system exchangers.