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Tranter Superchanger Plate Heat Exchanger

Typical Marine Industry Applications


Plate Box Coolers


A bank of titanium PLATECOIL® panels installed in a vented sea chest transfers heat from the shipboard cooling circuit to external seawater, returning cooled fresh water to a storage tank for a variety of cooling purposes.


Central Fresh Water Cooler


Large SUPERCHANGER® units use seawater to cool the ship’s central fresh water system. Titanium plates provide corrosionresistant, trouble-free exchanger service. High turbulence between plates reduces biofouling.Large vessels use this centrally cooled fresh water for many other cooling requirements, eliminating the need for titanium in those applications.


Heating Ship Service Water


Hot water for many uses is produced with steam through SUPERCHANGER units. Saturated steam at up to 8 bar (120 psi) and 176°C (350°F) can be used with EPDM gaskets. The heat transfer rates average about 6,814 W/(hr•m•°C) [1,200 Btu/(hr•ft•°F)] for this duty, resulting in a very compact unit.