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Tranter Heat Exchangers

 Typical Oil & Gas Industry Applications


Crude Oil Deslating


Raw crude oil contains many contaminants that have to be removed before it can be further processed, particularly water and salts. Depending on the process used for dehydration/desalting, gasketed, welded or Spiral plate heat exchangers can be utilized for many different services.


Heating Crude Oil to Remove Sand and Water


Emulsions of viscous crude, water and sand are heated with steam or glycol using SUPERCHANGER or PLATECOIL heat exchangers in treater tanks to remove the sand and separate produced water.


Heat Recovery from Produced Water


With its high U value, a SUPERCHANGER unit recovers a large percentage of the available BTUs in hot water from treater tanks, usable for preheating boiler feedwater. The produced water alternatively can be further heated through a steam-driven SUPERCHANGER unit and reinjected into the wells to increase production rates.