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Tranter Superchanger Plate Heat Exchanger

 Typical Refrigeration Industry Applications


"Free Cooling" During Moderate Temperatures (Chiller Bypass)


In some sections of North America, there are many periods when the wet bulb or ambient temperature is low enough to provide adequate cooling using cooling tower water directly. The diagram shows a SUPERCHANGER heat exchanger in a bypass circuit so that the chiller can be shut down whenever such conditions exist. This system results in sizable savings when climate and wet bulb conditions are favorable.


Isolation and "Free Cooling"


When a cooling tower isolation SUPERCHANGER heat exchanger (as in A above) is included, the chiller can be bypassed with valves and piping alone to take advantage of “free cooling.”


Isolation of River, Lake, Waste or Seawater Coolants


Even though filters are normally used, river, lake, waste or seawater normally contain solids that may be corrosive. The use of a SUPERCHANGER heat exchanger between the pond, etc. and the chiller will protect the equipment. SUPERCHANGER units have corrosion-resistant plates and are easily cleaned.