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Tranter Superchanger Plate Heat Exchanger


Tranter article published in the Biofuels International Magazine





 Typical Renewable Energy Industry Applications


Dry Mill Cooking


This cooking vessel uses an isolated heating fluid circuit with a SUPERCHANGER® cook water heater. A second SUPERCHANGER, employed as an economizer/preheater within the circuit, uses low-grade surplus heat streams to reduce steam consumption in the cook water heater.




Wet Mill Cooking


A Wide-Gap SUPERCHANGER Plate & Frame Exchanger used as an external heater maintains the correct heat in the stirred primary steep tank. The secondary steep tanks are fabricated using PLATECOIL® Prime Surface Exchangers as heating jackets.



Acid Hydrolysis Cellulosic Cooking


Heated vessels in this continuous process can be fabricated using PLATECOIL heating banks as immersion heaters. These include both first- and second-stage hydrolysis vessels and the acid reconcentrator tower. PLATECOIL banks can also be configured as air heaters in systems such as the biomass dryer.