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The MAXCHANGER Plate Heat Exchanger

​MAXCHANGER® Welded Plate Heat Exchanger


MAXCHANGER® Welded Plate Heat Exchangers provide a high heat transfer rate in a very compact space. They are designed for challenging applications involving liquids, gases, steam and two-phase mixtures, at temperatures and pressures that are beyond the capability of gasketed plate & frame units.  For every individual MAXCHANGER unit, be sure to compare the operational ratings stamped on the nameplate with the process design specifications before installation to avoid the possibility of damage.
The MAXCHANGER® dimpled plates are arranged alternately and welded together at the sides to form channels for hot and cold media. Spacers isolate the channels and induce countercurrent flow. The numerous dimples provide maximum pressure resistance and heat transfer. Corner angles or half-pipes are welded to the plate pack points and to the top and bottom plates, forming inlet and outlet headers.



Two plate lengths are available, 305 mm (12 in.) and 610 mm (24 in.) with NPT-M or RF connections. Mounting brackets may be provided.

Exploded view of welded MAXCHANGER®


Learn more about the MAXCHANGER product line by watching the following video: