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PLATECOIL Heat Exchangers

​PLATECOIL® Heat Exchangers


PLATECOIL is a very efficient and versatile prime surface type heat exchanger. Its unique design remains the key to both its high heat transfer efficiency and versatility for heating and cooling applications.


By providing the right answers to a broad range of heat transfer needs PLATECOIL heat transfer equipment has been saving thousands of engineering, fabrication, and installation man-hours in numerous industrial applications for over 50 years. Its continuing popularity is a direct result of its proven capability to satisfy an almost unlimited variety of requirements for size, shape, pressure containment, capacity, materials and surface finishes.
Every PLATECOIL product is backed by an experienced staff of sales representatives, engineers and modern production facilities. These resources are readily available to analyze and solve your specific heat transfer need, no matter how complex or complicated that may be.
In the event your heat transfer requirements are relatively uncomplicated, the information presented in this manual will allow you to specify the PLATECOIL that fits your specific application. Every effort has been made to present a selection of data that will be reliable and helpful, both from the standpoint of selecting the proper heat transfer surface and in determining heat transfer rates, fluid flow rates, etc.
Please remember that industrial heat transfer processes are not generally subject to rigidly controlled conditions. As a result, factors affecting heat transfer rates, material life and other items can vary from day-to-day. Therefore, the pertinency of the engineering data in this manual as applied to a specific application must be judged in relationship to the variables involved. Also, the information in this manual is subject to change without notice. The manufacturer reserves the right to change specifications at any time.


Whatever your heat transfer need may be, contact the PLATECOIL representative in your area. Put his experience and heat transfer know-how to work for you . He’ll see to it that the PLATECOIL product you require is designed and built to exactly meet your specific application requirements and you will receive the best possible return on your PLATECOIL investment.


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