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​ThermoFit Series of PHE's

Tranter, Inc., has introduced the new ThermoFit Series of plate & frame heat exchangers. Available internationally, the ThermoFit Series is the first plate range in a new Tranter design concept offering a significant boost in heat exchange performance and unit integrity. The initial range in the ThermoFit Series includes models GT-206, GT-210 and GT-215, with additional models under development. Plates are available in both stainless steel and titanium alloys.

The range incorporates new design approaches in three primary areas:

  • The HydroFit™ Flow Distribution System Concept
  • The GrooveFit™ Groove/Gasket System Concept
  • The Halo™ Plate Alignment Concept


The HydroFit™ concept offers outstanding potential for reduced unit size, weight and footprint in a wide range of applications. The design achieves minimized plate width throughout the range to enhance flow distribution and hence heat exchange performance and also to reduce frame cost. High induced turbulence throughout the exchanger reduces pressure drop, resists fouling and scaling and improves the effectiveness of CIP operations, while also reducing pumping load.

The simulation-tuned GrooveFit™ gasket and groove design features minimal wetted area of the gasket, for maximum fluid integrity over long service cycles. The exclusive Halo™ plate alignment system with a plate-to-plate nesting feature establishes and maintains optimal plate alignment and gasket sealing integrity. This new design helps to maintain accurate nesting throughout many opening/closing cycles. 

The ThermoFit Series should improve performance in HVAC, electrical generation and process cooling, hydrocarbon processing, geothermal applications and any service requiring efficient heat transfer.